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Peter Robert Stone


Product liablity Attorney

Whenever anybody purchases any products from market, it should be taken into consideration that the products which they have purchased are safe. But unfortunately at times consumers are injured by the products which they buy in their daily life. For example: automobile seat belts, air bags fail to operate, machinery products fail to operate and can cause a serious damage, household stuffs such as chairs, ladders, beds etc can be too easily broken and can hurt any of the member and many things. But sometimes all the failures of products may seriously give to a vital end; injuries or even death. So, then comes a role of Product liability law which accounts that designers, manufacturers and suppliers have to pay for injuries to consumers for the defects and hazards in their products they sold in the market. The actual purpose of Products Liability law is to make sure that the injuries resulting from the defective products are bear by the parties who manufactured or designed or sold such defective goods in the market.

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